The Ingress Lv12 in 2 months solo guide


As most of you are aware, in order to create Pokéstops in Pokémon Go you need to create Portals in Ingress first. For that you need to reach Lv10 in Ingress to submit Portals and Lv12 to join OPR (Operation Porky Raccoon or whatever that stands for) and review Portal submissions.

Now here’s the problem: OPR is pretty much dead from the Ingress side since the few Ingress players left can’t be bothered with it anymore. Most PoGo players joining Ingress for new stops stop at Lv10 for submitting since they’re bored to death with Ingress at that point and Lv12 is a whole different beast.

Many trainers are currently pondering if they should go the Ingress route or just wait for Niantic to open POI (point of interest) reviewing for PoGo players since they have been toying with submissions directly from PoGo for a couple of month now. However, Ingress global community manager Andrew Krug stated at MAG Erfurt he doesn’t expect PoGo POI reviewing anytime soon so don’t get your hopes up. If it’s ever coming, it’s gonna be a long time.

Seems there is no way around it. More PoGo players need to make it to Lv12 in Ingress. Luckily, with the new OPR Upgrade system active OPR rating is now incentivised as one of your own submissions gets prioritised every 100 OPR agreements you hit.

So here’s a handy guide for curious PoGo trainers how to hit Lv12 in Ingress in two months and reap the fruits of OPR as quickly as possible without having to engage in anything community-wise in Ingress or ever meet another Ingress agent in person.


First and foremost: if you don’t live in or have regular access to an urban environment with lots of portals, don’t bother. Until you reach Lv12, we will all have been killed by global warming or Niantic will have introduced PoGo POI reviewing eventually, whichever hits first (I’m really not sure). In both cases your time was wasted.

It’s recommended to choose the minority team of your area. Unlike in PoGo, in Ingress you make easier AP by being in the minority team because there’s more stuff for you to blow up and you also only gain hacking AP from enemy Portals.

Then, the Comm: Ignore it. I know, it’s hard since it can’t be turned off, but try. Ingress agents are a desperate bunch. Deep in their hearts they know their game is doomed. There hasn’t been any new content in years and the only prime about Prime is that it’s a prime example of wasted developing resources. There’s barely any agents left so any new player they spot is nicely invited into community chats to connect and help out. You don’t want that. Any social obligations take away time from your 60 day plan, and even if they tell you otherwise, you don’t need any help from others in reaching Lv12. To make sure you’ll be left alone just mention that you came from PoGo and innocently ask how to create Portals. That should isolate you from the community for good.


Lv12 in Ingress needs 8,400,000 AP, six gold badges and one additional silver badge. The gold badges are the tricky part and you should worry about them from the start. Here are the badges I recommend going for:

  • 1) Sojourner:
    Hack a portal for 60 straight days in a row. Easy-peasey. If you can spin a stop every day for your streak, you can also hack a portal every day. However, I can’t stress enough how important it is to NOT SCREW THIS UP! If you miss a day you not only need to start from scratch, your Sojourner badge will be stuck on the last day you didn’t miss. Then you’ll have no way of telling what your current hacking streak is until you’ve passed it again, giving you anxieties for that exact number of days because you don’t now if you, maybe, screwed up yet again.Let me being stuck on day 43 for half a year be a warning to you!

[edit] As pointed out, the actual requirement is “Hack a Portal every consecutive 24h period”. I always thought that meant once a day, but to make sure better hack once time at morning and one on afternoon each day, or once a bit earlier every day. Also you can see your current hacking streak in the now section.

  • 2) SpecOps:
    Do 100 unique missions. Missions are actually a fun and simple thing. You need to visit a number of specific portals in a row and do a certain action there. I’d recommend limiting yourself to the simple hacking 6 portals missions because those can usually be done within 5 to 10 minutes. Most of these can be found in urban, tourist-heavy environments. There are also mission tours where you can do continuous streams of missions through, say, a certain quarter and have the individual mission badges form a nice picture in your profile. But you don’t want to win profile beauty contests, you want to hit Lv12 as quickly as possible, so don’t bother about tour orders. Mission tours do however have the advantage that you usually don’t hack portals twice and don’t have to worry about hacking cooldowns. Anyway, doing 6 sessions of about 15-18 missions should nest you the SpecOps gold badge in about a week. It’s a nice bagde to get early on since simple hacking can be done from Lv1 on and you can work on all the other badges while doing missions. I also recommend doing missions on foot since you need the walking distance for the Trekker bagde.

  • 3) Trekker:
    Walk 300 km. In your 60 day plan, that’s 5 km a day. However, keep in mind that Ingress is a lot stricter in counting kilometers and speed locking than PoGo. GPS drifting, fast jogging, biking and public transportation will probably nest you a total of zero kilometers. So there’s no way around walking. Luckily, Adventure Sync or a second phone will help you count your walking distance for PoGo as well, so get moving!

  • 4) Recharger:
    Recharge Portals with 3,000,000 XM. It’s the only badge that can be done simply sitting on your couch. Recharging works similar do distant Gym feeding, so remember to always have some Portal Keys of high level Portals owned by your team around and recharge whenever you find the time. You’ll be drowning in Power Cubes soon anyway. 3,000,000 sounds a lot, but this badge can actually be done rather quickly.

  • 5) Explorer:
    Hack 2,000 unique Portals. This obviously requires having access to an abundance of Portals. But a combination of missions and a few bus tours through Portal-heavy districts will get you quite far quickly.

  • 6) Pioneer:
    Capture 1,000 unique Portals. Capturing a Portal means deploying a Resonator into an empty Portal. Finding 1,000 of these is certainly quite tricky. Just throw a Resonator into any empty Portal you see and blow up weak enemy Portals whenever you have the chance. Also you have no way of knowing if you hacked or captured a Portal before so both Pioneer and Explorer badge can be quite tricky. You just need to play in a lot of different areas. Hence the urban environment. The upside of the Pioneer badge is that gold here will also automatically clear the missing 7th silver badge (Liberator – capture 1,000 portals).

If any of these badges turn out too complicated the next best solo gold badges would probably be Engineer (deploy 5,000 Mods; you can deploy 2 Mods per team Portal, but the problem is to get 5,000 Mods through Portal hacking) or Translator (6,000 successful Glyph hacks where you need to redraw a pass phrase while hacking a Portal. I never bothered with glyphing because I mostly hack while on a bus and glyphing takes too much time, but I’m told it’s still one of the easier Gold badges.) In any case you should decide on the gold badges you go for early on to not waste any time and energy.

Now for AP! There’s basically three ways to gain reasonable amounts of AP in Ingress: deploying Resonators, linking Portals and destroying enemy Resonators. In the beginning you are mostly limited to the first two. Never recycle Resonators. Always deploy as much of them as you can. Capturing a Portal adds a 500 AP bonus and deploying the 8th Resonator gives another 250 AP bonus, so spread your Resonators as effectively as possible. Don’t worry about building strong Portals. You don’s build to last. The faster your enemy team takes down your Portals, the faster you can retake them. Though you should prioritize high-level Resonators whenever you just deploy single Resonators. You can only deploy one Lv7 and Lv8 Resonator per Portal and those stack up in your inventory quickly.

A fully deployed Portal lets you link to other full Portals that you owe a Portal Key of and that are not blocked by other links, and links are another easy AP. Fielding (linking three Portals with each other) provides the most AP (a 1,200 AP bonus plus the 313 AP for creating the link) but I can’t really recommend doing fielding for the AP. It’s rather complicated and needs a lot of planning to get all the Keys ready. Other ways gain you AP much faster. That’s a sad fact considering fielding is actually the “goal” of the game. However, throw around links as often as you can. You might accidentally create some fields on the fly, or throw a sausage link across the whole city that pisses of all other Ingress players on the Comm by ruining their fielding plans. Don’t worry, they’ll survive!

Once you reach Lv7/8, the real fun begins: blowing up enemy Resonators with high-level XMP weapons. The more stuff you destroy, the more AP gained, and taking down lots of enemy links and fields while you go berserk nests tons of AP. Wide range destruction is the recommended way to go, so don’t bother with Ultra Strikes. Ideally you should look for dense clusters of enemy Portals all diligently linked by solo players that didn’t bother with high level Resonators and shields. So tourist centers will be ideal. After the dust settles there should be tons of empty Portals to capture to gain even more AP.

Or look for enemy Portals that have 12+ links attached. Even if heavily guarded, destroying them may be worth the time and weapons for all the AP you gain from targeting just that single portal. You can use Ingress’s Intel Map to find suitable locations. When you’ve blown through all your weapons hack high-level Portals to restock. 100,000-200,000 AP per hour can easily be done just by blowing stuff up and capturing the liberated Portals. 8,400,000 AP in 60 days is 140,000 AP a day, or about a million week. That’s intense, but possible. Double AP events are rare in Ingress, but whenever they hit, got for it!

So now that you’ve reached Lv12 you only need the pass the (simple) OPR test and then you’re ready to help create Pokéstops hundreds of miles away in the middle of nowhere that you’ll never visit! Hurray! But maybe someone from over there reads this too and someday will pass the final vote on your well deserved couch Portal! Good luck!

If you can’t find the time to read all of this you won’t find the time to make it to Lv12 in Ingress anyway, so just don’t bother.

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