Be respectful of the Communities outside of the Pokemon Go Community

This comes in light of a lot of good areas being nuked in Minnesota the past month. We have lost all poke stops and gyms at the MN State Fair grounds. This was right around 100 stops and gyms. Then a few days ago we lost Victory Memorial Parkway (VMP). This was around 110 pokestops and about 10-20 gyms (Rough Estimate). Now VMP is down to about 50 stops and gyms.

The point of this post is make sure we are being respectful of the others out side of our community. We need to police up our own so that other good spots are not lost. These major spots were lost due to disrespectful people in the community. Be the bigger person and make sure we are correcting those who are doing wrong.

Edit: Changed the VMP gym count. Originally was encompassing the whole area and not just the strip which was the only area nuked.

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